Fresh mussels

Delta Mossel has its own plots of mussels in Holland, both in Zeeland and in the Wadden Sea as well as in the German Wadden Sea. These mussel plots are treated and fished with our own boats. From spat to consumption, mussel culture is a process that takes two to three years. Spat are collected in two different ways; on suspended ropes (MZI), or directly on the seabed. Once the mussel seeds are big enough, they are taken tot he mussel auction in Yerseke and then sown on the evaporation plots. Once sold, they are deposited on the disgorging plots before being fished for consumption.

The mussels are made sand-free with pure water from the Oosterschelde. The mussels are then carefully checked and sorted again. Delta Mussels are divided by size into five categories from small to large: Extra, Super, Imperial, Jumbo, Goldmark.

The mussels are packaged in the traditional jute bags or in the ideal leak-proof packaging. This packaging guarantees optimum storage that mimics the “natural environment” of the mussels. After packing, the mussels are ready for sale.